Dear Clients, Friends and Community Members,


We hope this finds you faring well in this bizarre COVID-19 world that we are all navigating. Whether the Stay-at-Home period has felt like a relaxing, slower pace and an opportunity to reflect, or a stressful, foreign situation that’s turned your whole life on its head, we are here for you. Following are the measures we are taking to keep everybody who visits as safe and comfortable as possible:

  • Your massage therapist will wear a mask and a face shield (also, gloves, by request)
  • Masks will be provided for customers who don’t have their own
  • There will be a disinfectable vinyl sheet under the regular sheet
  • As always, we will change sheets, wash hands and sanitize all surfaces between clients, with extra attention to details like doorknobs and bathroom fixtures

** NOTE: Please book 24 hours in advance. You must pre-pay online. Also, we would prefer that you fill out the intake form online, if at all possible. This applies to returning customers as well, as we have an updated form to reflect the times.

We at Sabai Thai, are dedicated to the betterment of the world, through massage, one person at a time. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call!