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By Joolee - May 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

As our community transitions out of the Stay at Home Phase, and into the Safer at Home Phase, we are striving to provide a service that we feel is now more important than ever, for its stress-reducing qualities and overall health benefits. We've made some changes to our standard Thai Massage to acknowledge that life is a little different at the moment, and lowered the rate to make it accessible to everybody, realizing that those who are suffering from lost income may need massage the most. We invite you to visit us for a session:

Thai Energize
$55 for 60 minutes

~ Wear your own comfortable clothing (workout clothes, without many zippers/buttons)
~ We will only be working on you in the seated and prone (face-down) positions
~ Your massage therapist will wear a mask and a face shield (also, gloves, by request)
~ Masks will be provided for customers who don't have their own
~ There will be a disinfectable vinyl sheet under the regular sheet
~ As always, we will change sheets, wash hands and sanitize all surfaces between clients, with extra attention to details like doorknobs and bathroom fixtures
** NOTE: Please book 24 hours in advance. You must pre-pay online.
Also, we would prefer that you fill out the intake form online, if at all possible. This applies to returning customers as well, as we have an updated form to reflect the times.

We at Sabai Thai, are dedicated to the betterment of the world, through massage, one person at a time. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to call (and enjoy the photo of Su Wetterer, Sabai Thai Owner, in Thai Energize Regalia)!

A note on Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage feels soooo good, right? It feels like you're not just affecting the surface of a muscle, but you're getting down into the belly of the thing and effecting real change, loosening the tissue, releasing stored tension, allowing the whole network of fascia to expericence a little freedom, and setting off little fireworks of pleasure-pain. We get that, because we agree. However, we'd also like to take a moment to acknowledge that there is such a thing as TOO deep. It's normal and acceptable to have a little soreness the day after a massage, however...if a body receives massages that are too deep, especially habitually, tissues can be damaged. Also possible, but quite rarely, nerves lesions can be caused. So you if feel like there is no way for you to experience a massage that is deep enough to satisfy you, this message is for you.

"Consumers need to know that massage isn't perfectly safe, that a "no pain, no gain" attitude is the source of most of the danger, especially for chronic pain patients."

~ Paul Ingraham (science writer, runner, former massage therapist, and assistant editor at for several years).

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