Super Powers

Even Better Than Being Invisible

By Joolee - June 5, 2020

You know how people sometimes ask "If you were a Super Hero, what would your super-power be?" An understandably popular answer has been "Invisibility," especially in the days when Harry Potter was running around everywhere in his invisibility cloak (pretty cool, for sure).

Well, in the era of the INVISIBLE ENEMY, the superhero power that might come in MOST handy, is having an ultra-fit-and-healthy, strong-as-an-ox (and coincidentally, also invisible) immune system!

And for that, we are here to help! Research has shown that receiving regular massage therepy (let's define that as at least monthly) helps boost the immune system and flush toxins, increasing blood flow throughout the body. Why is that important? Because blood is the body's Santa Claus AND garbage service, in that it delivers all the goodies like oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, while taking away all the stuff that isn't serving us any longer. As if that weren't enough, massage also increases the activity of white blood cells that help our body fight diseases (like coronaviruses) and likely assists with reduction of cortisol (an important fight-or-flight chemical, which can do damage long-term, yet which builds up in our bodies when we operate in a low-grade stress response for too long...sounds like a lot of people right now).

In order to not counteract all those effects of our wonderful work, when you come to Sabai Thai, our tippy top priorities are safety and cleaning. We continue to make upgrades to our system to accommodate the changing times, so we've got some UV equipment on the way to enhance our already-stringent protocols. Please consider utitlizing regular massage to make your immune system your super-power. Meanwhile,  take care of you and those around you.
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