Why Thai?

Because it’s SEN-Sensational!

By Joolee - March 1, 2020

Want a massage? Not sure which kind? Consider Thai Massage, because it is SEN-sational, on many levels!
Just a few:
1. On a definition level, sensational means: Causing great public interest and excitement (True of Thai Massage? Yes!)
2. Your bodies (both physical and energetic) receive many delicious sensations as a result of receiving (and giving) Thai Massage, and
3. Thai Massage isn't just massage. It's a whole traditional healing SYSTEM, based on SEN, Sen are energy lines in our bodies (for you yogis out there, similar to nadis, and for any Chinese medicine folks, also similar to meridians), and all of the compressions and stretches that you receive during a Thai bodywork session, are aimed at clearing blockages from those energy pathways, so that your energy can flow more freely throughout your body. Who doesn't need that?! Because everything inside of us is so connected and interdependent, blockages in one part of the body can cause symptoms in another. That's why each Thai Massage is a full toe-to-head treatment, even when Your therapist also spends some time focusing on your problem areas. 

It's a sin to ignore your sen, so bring them in for a tune-up today!
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