Letting Go

Hello massage enthusiasts. Today I'd like to discuss and examine an expression we use in massage therapy, the term "Letting Go" We use this phrase to describe a state of relaxation in not only a physical sense, but psychological, emotional, and spiritual senses as well. Massage therapy is a great way to relax. However, as our bodies start to relax, our minds are continuously running. The more we relax, the more our minds let go of all those subconscious thoughts we have been holding on to.
Why does this happen? Imagine your mind as a boiling pot of water with a lid. The water continuously boils and bubbles over with thoughts. Once the lid is lifted, water begins to evaporate and releases just as our thoughts would. As the pressure in the pot is relieved, the boiling settles. Our minds do the same thing.
So how can we truly experience full relaxation in both body and mind? We must "let go". Focus on the sensations your body is feeling. Am I tensing my shoulder? Am I breathing full or short breaths? We must refrain from getting involved with the thoughts that surface. Though this is a skill we must practice, learning to do this, even just a little, has extraordinary benefits. Through meditation or massage therapy we can practice letting go.
Come to Sa Baai Thai massage in Denver, relax, let go, and enjoy!
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