Thai Massage Services in Central Denver

Denver, do you ever find that no matter what you do, your muscles are tight? You might even go for a massage, feel better for a few hours, and then find that you are right back where you started the next day, tight in all of the same places, the relaxation that you found the day before but a faint memory? Perhaps you went to the chiropractor to get adjusted, and finally feel like your body is straight and symmetrical again, only to find that things fall out of line within twenty-four hours? It is time to end your frustration, Denver, and start to understand what is going on. 
Your muscles have patterns that are being repeated over and over, and this is why simply getting one chiropractic adjustment or one relaxing massage is not going to solve your bodily problems. Not right away, that is. First of all, when you get a chiropractic adjustment, often the misalignment that is happening is due to the fact that your muscles are pulling the vertebrae out of alignment from their chronic tension, so, when you get the adjustment, it is important to get massage/bodywork in order to teach the muscle how to relax into a new pattern. Also, getting the right points through massage is important. This is where Thai Massage comes to the rescue. 
Swedish massage is great, and, all massage is wonderful, and there is no arguing that it doesn’t help – bodywork in general is good. Anything you can do to increase circulation and mobility is good, no matter what- I’m not trying to tell you that getting an occasional massage is not beneficial. What I am saying is it is also important to be strategic about your bodywork whenever possible. Thai Massage is amazing, because it goes really deep, and not only are the massage therapists hands used to massage muscles, but, knees, elbows, feet and more are used to give full pressure to strategic points on the body. The principles of acupressure are applied with Thai Massage, and, thus helps to release chronic patterns in the muscle fibers. After I receive Thai Massage, I usually feel like a happy bowl full of jelly. 
Come to Sa Baai Massage and find out how we can help you to release long term muscular patterns, giving you an entirely new experience of your body. You won’t believe the difference, and you’ll keep coming back for more.
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