Why Massage Hurts So Good - Part 1

Hi Denver. It’s been a little while since we’ve spoken. It’s time we had another little talk about Massage. All kinds of Massage- Thai Massage; Swedish Massage; MFR Therapy; Integrative Massage; Healing Touch; Rolfing; Deep Tissue Massage; Phenomenal Touch; Zen Shiatsu; Trigger Point Therapy; Acupressure.  And more- much, much more!  Lots of people have paid for professional massages- and, then, there are some who have never had a massage. It is my greatest hope that this changes as soon as possible, because all people should get to experience all that the professional massage brings about, all of the health benefits, all of the relaxation that it brings about, the effects on the circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, immune system, and more.


All of that said- for many of you that have paid for a professional massage, you may or may not have cared about the long list of health benefits I just listed. Sure, maybe you didn’t MIND that you had these little “by-products” or “side-effects”, but really you came in for one reason- because it feels SO GOOD!!! Sometimes it feels so good, that even though you feel relaxed enough to fall asleep, you stop yourself- because you don’t want to miss feeling the feelings of goodness that this massage is bringing! So, you keep yourself awake as best you can, and “torture” yourself by staying awake. But it’s the best and sweetest torture you could ever imagine.


Speaking of sweet torture- while most people get massage for the pleasant sensations that it brings- sometimes, when deep work is needed, and there are long-term patterns in the muscles- massage can be painful. But, never fear- because…well. . ..because it HURTS SO GOOD!!!  That’s right- those of us that have experienced it know from personal experience that sometimes your Massage Therapist asks you at the beginning of your session: “What would you like today?” and all you can do is cry, “Your elbow in my shoulder! Please!” I know you can relate. For now, just keep nodding your head and keep that knowing smile on your face., and stay tuned for our next blog, Denver, which will tell you more about pain, massage, their relationship, and why in the end, you wind up feeling so much better when you get up off of that massage table.

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