Praise and Comments for Sabai Thai Massage

"Sue is the BEST masseuse I ever experienced over the course of decades and thousands of massages. She is strong and really seems to know the body and how to heal it. Her touch is incredible. She has been well trained. Every person I have referred to her comes back happier and healthier. She is the best thing I have done for my body and spirit in years!! Sue is AWESOME!!!"  

Susan Schneider

"Sujinda gave me an incredible Thai Massage. She is professional and very knowledge about how to work the different muscles. After the massage I felt relaxed and a new person. If you want to pamper yourself I highly recommend Sujinda."  

Rosilind Greco

"The first time I had a Thai massage from Sujinda was a great therapeutic experience, like no other. Sujinda has provided excellent  technique with each massage, that has had a profound impact on my overall health. She is the most humble and knowledgeable servant to her profession."  

Dale Smith

"Sujinda is a FANTASTIC Thai Massage therapist! I have been seeing her for 7 months now, and it is always amazing! She has excellent technique, uses the kind of pressure that I love (deep!) and is just a great person to know and talk to. It is always great to see her, and I always feel SO much better after I have a massage with her. I recommend her to everyone I know. Also, I spent a few months in Thailand last year so I have had a lot of Thai Massage- I know how good she is! Go see her for massage and you will be happier and relaxed for it. Thanks, Sujinda!"  

Rachel L.

"I have been going to Sue for now close to a year- first for a great foot massage, then a great table massage, and most frequently for a 1.5 hour Thai massage. She is a truly outstanding therapist; her studio is very comfortable; and she is a very nice person. I cannot say enough good things about her and her abilities."  


"Sujnda has helped alleviate my pain in my hip due to bone spurs and some arthritis. Her ability to listen to my needs makes her one of the best healers I have come across in my life. I always feel better for days after having a 90 minute massage from her. I highly recommend her especially if you suffer from pain or injuries."  

Celine G.


"I have traveled much of the world thanks to the Air Force and Sue is by far the best masseuse I've seen. She found and worked every muscle that was sore and she also explained how each of the muscles affected each other during my exercises. I can't wait for my next session. Thanks Sue!!"  

Jonathan C.

"I've been experiencing chronic neck and back pain for 6 years. Sue gave me the most effective and relaxing massage I've ever had. it was an extremely positive experience and i can't wait until my next visit. Sue is a very knowledgeable, professional and sweet person."  


"I have been an endurance runner and triathlete for several years; I believe taking care of my body through different forms of bodywork and yoga are essential to incorporate a training plan. By far, Sujinda the best most complete body work I have EVER had. I am not being dramatic, she does wonders, she is intune with how the human body works, how much pressure a specific area needs and how to best connect her work with my body."